the market will always be drawn to a Louis Vuitton store-Louis Vuitton Outlet

Now majority of the market will always be drawn to a Louis Vuitton store for its entry-level logo canvas bags. But with news that luxury brands’ handbag business is suffering versus middle-end brands, the French malletier looks bent on reaffirming its luxury status by boosting its bespoke service, introduced just a couple of years ago.
For a limited period, Louis Vuitton’s Haute Maroquinerie caravan is in Manila to present its personalized service to VIP clients. After all, for this exclusive market, even the most expensive item on the retail floor sometimes just won’t cut it.
Poblador-Antonio says they’ve received offers to buy the samples in the caravan, bids that were gently declined. you need pay at least half a million pesos for a purse (and up to about 2 million for the crocodile skins), the clients were told, you might as well get one that’s completely brand new and made to your specifications—with your name stamped on it.

Louis Vuitton Shares in the makers of luxury-Louis Vuitton Outle

Recently,Louis Vuitton Shares in the makers of luxury leather goods which is the largest contributor to sales and profit of LVMH’s fashion and leather-goods business, has shifted strategy over the past couple years to counteract the impression that it wasn’t exclusive enough.
As Louis Vuitton better sales in leather and fashion goods outshone the group’s overall sales figures, which came in slightly below expectations because of unfavorable currency swings and slack demand for cognac in China.
UBS analyst said they are very great that Louis Vuitton had an excellent start to the year, supporting their view that the brand’s repositioning is well under way.
The group’s CEO Bernard Arnault said that the company willingly limited the quantity of new bags it is producing to be more selective. Louis Vuitton is also emphasizing its leather bags, which are much more costly than its canvas range.
As the world’s largest luxury-goods brand, Louis Vuitton has a strong pricing power so if more expensive price tags start to sell, it could give rivals more room to increase the new bags' price too.

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